Central Illinois Produce What Chefs Want!

Freight Farm

The Central Illinois Produce Freight Farm is a collaborative effort between Central Illinois Produce and the University of Illinois. This vertical hydroponic farm, housed inside a retired cargo container, has some of the most advanced technology in the industry for growing leafy greens. Working with the university, our goal is to maximize the growing potential and efficiency of the farm and supply fresh, local greens to the students on a year-round basis. The farm is a green focused project aimed at leaving as small a footprint as possible, with a goal of providing nutritionally packed greens for today's consumer. Our continually evolving mix of leafy greens is based on three different profiles: flavor, nutrition, and appearance.

Check out our YouTube video produced by Greg Pluta, director of the micro and nano technology center based at the University of Illinois and featuring our resident specialty grower, Bill Bagby from Central Illinois Produce.