Central Illinois Produce

Fruit Baskets

Find out how a fruit basket from Central Illinois Produce can be the perfect gift for so many different occasions.

Friendship Basket

The perfect all occasion basket. This basket comes with a variety of fruit totaling 13 pieces in all. Wrapped in amber cello with a bow, it is a great way to say "Thank You".

Friendship Basket $25.00
plus shipping & handling
To order call 1-800-39PRODU(CE) or .

Bountiful Basket 

This beautiful basket comes packed with over 26 pieces of fruit and is a customer favorite. Wrapped in amber paper with a bow, this basket is sure to impress.

To order call 1-800-39PRODU(CE) or . Bountiful Basket $40.00
plus shipping & handling

Tampico Tray

Delightful assortment of fruits with great eye appeal. Over 30 pieces of hand selected fruit make up this tray. Wrapped in amber paper with a bow, this basket will catch everyone's eye.

Tampico Tray $45.00
plus shipping & handling
To order call 1-800-39PRODU(CE) or .

Farmer's Choice

Oranges, apples, grapefruit, and bananas are just the start to this large basket with over 50 pieces of fruit. A great gift idea for the office staff. This red and green trimmed basket comes with a clear cello wrap and a bow. Expect plenty of oohs and ahhs! 
* Value Buy

To order call 1-800-39PRODU(CE) or . Farmer's Choice $55.00
plus shipping & handling

How to Get a Fruit Basket

We offer a comprehensive fruit basket program which encompasses two major forms of distribution:

1) Orders may be picked up at any of our warehouse locations (Urbana, Danville, and  Morton).

2) Orders can be delivered anywhere in our service area with certain restrictions (fruit basket delivery must coincide with scheduled delivery day into the specific city within the service area). Check with your sales representative to determine what if any restrictions there are.


Who Buys Our Baskets?

  1. Individuals wishing to send a unique or special gift to a friend or relative
  2. Company executives wishing to reward their employees or thank a business client
  3. Florists wishing to buy wholesale (ask your sales representative for information) and sell retail as an accompaniment to their flowers
  4. Any retail establishment, including grocers, wishing to display and sell fruit baskets can buy from us at wholesale price

When and Why to Buy Our Baskets

  • Our baskets are available year round. Buy one for Valentine's day or Thanksgiving. They are not just for Christmas anymore.
  • Send one to welcome new families to the neighborhood.
  • Send as a thoughtful gift to your son or daughter's teacher or principal
  • Send to a sick loved one in the hospital
  • Send to a grieving family for use at a reception or at home instead of sending flowers or a plant to the funeral parlor
  • Send anytime you want to brighten someone's day!

General Information

  • We accept Visa / MasterCard and cash, or you can pre-pay with a personal check.
  • There are no additional charges to pick up any of our baskets.
  • An additional charge of $5.00 applies to deliveries within our service area. This is per location charge; multiple baskets to one location results in only one $5.00 charge.
  • Charges incurred using a third-party carrier are billed at our cost and include any packaging we use for safe transportation.
  • Satisfaction is guaranteed. We will either replace the product at our cost or refund your money 100%.
  • Customized baskets are available and priced before shipment.

Ordering Information

The pictures and descriptions above depict our standard baskets and include a list of fruit provided as well as a picked-up price. Remember, we also do custom baskets! Due to shipping and seasonal changes some fruit may not always be available. Should this occur we will substitute another item of your choice before delivery.

Orders can be placed by calling 1-800-39PRODU(CE) or by . We prefer a three-day lead time but in the event of an emergency, every effort will be made to accommodate your needs.